We contour and paint our faces with makeup daily. The makeup brushes are more essential than other products. We apply almost every product by the help of makeup brushes. No matter applying your lipstick or applying your highlighter, you must need a makeup brush. But, wait, try to remember when was the last time you thought to clean your makeup brush. Honestly speaking, we all even do not know what was the color of bristles when we pick them.

Why clean makeup brushes?

The makeup brushes are masked by the used products and they are waiting for cleansing. There are not only the waste products but also the oil from your face, dead skin cells and pigments get masked on makeup brushes. According to a study, makeup brushes are the hotspot of bacteria and fungus. So, exactly you need to clean your brushes continuously.

makeup brushes cleansing
Makeup brushes

When you do not clean your makeup tools for a long time, you face many skin problems including red spots, rashes, skin irritation and breakouts. It is all because bacteria and other microorganisms grow on them and when they get the moisture they cause infections. If you are unable to understand what is the possible reason for your skin problems, then go and take a look of your makeup brushes. One more thing do not share your makeup brushes because it is also the cause of cold sores and aging.

How to clean?

Cleansing of makeup brushes is hygienic and also make your skin radiant. Here are the steps to clean your makeup brushes: –

  • Put your brushes into the bowl of hot water or hold your brushes under the hot water tap. Then mix some shampoo or soap into the water in a bowl and dip your brushes into it for 4 to 5 minutes. Softly rub the bristles of brushes with your finger and make a fine lather. Lather formation is the indication that brushes are quite clean now.
  • After completion of this procedure, now hold your brushes under the hot water tap and make it clear that no lather is left behind. Clean the brushes completely and see the bristles are quite sparkling now.

This was the simple but somehow time taking process. If you are in a rush and do not have enough time you can for second procedures.

  • You need a Brush Washing Mat and there you go. It saves time and clean brushes instantly. It has the fine plastic teeth and when you rub your brushes on the mat the dirt is removed and you get the cleaned brushes.
  • If you still feel that brushes are not so clean gently repeat the process. After completing the cleansing, place the brush on the towel and dry it.
  • After drying keep your brushes separate and make ensure that enough air can pass through them so that no bad smell can be produced in them.

Bottom line: –

The microorganism like fungi and bacteria always prefer moist places to grow. When you apply foundation and then keep your brushes without cleansing they grow instantly. So, try to clean your foundation brush more frequently.

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